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. we'll have more on hurricane earl, tropical storm fiona and tropical storm gaston, which by tuesday will be a cat 2 hurricane. that's cape hatteras, north carolina, awaiting the arrival of earl. beautiful sunrise. let's send it out to mike schuh. take it away, pal. >> reporter: i want to tell you sthi. we are at an antique show. sometimes people thitz of antiques being a couple years old. how about this, 2,000 years hold. you can buy these from now until sunday, a royal goblet. we'll talk about this along with a few other things. we are live from the convention center. please join us. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at remax.com. it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. >>> 71 degrees. basically, the same stuff as yesterday morning. winds ar
earl tropical storm fiona. yesterday the barometer was at 30/20. now it has fallen to 3007 high pressure giving us the sunshine the heat is starting to break down. that's going to allow a front to come in from the west which is going to attempt to help steer earl away from our shores. we'll see how successful that's going to be in a second. hagerstown and downtown. 76 in the district, 68 earl ton. 69 west minister and columbia. so here is this big dome of high pressure. look behind me. now we're starting to see some movement. this is good size front that's sitting out over the upper plane states. it is going to be moving our way. by friday it's going to be north of the region. when you look at big geographic area, i think globally. it's close enough to start exerting influence on earl. let's talk specifically about earl in a second. this day we go to 96 degrees. clear skies, 64. tomorrow we tie the record. record of days above 90 in this city well it goes back to 1988. tomorrow will be the 54th day temperatures above 90. now let's look at the five day. once we get to friday, the
on through. the intensity as it goes on by. not to mention the fact that right behind it, we have fiona. a tropical storm as of the 11:00 update, with sustained winds at 58 miles per hour. fiona is expected to intensify. but then, move a little farther out to sea. not following as closely as earl is. but definitely following through the weekend up the atlantic, where it is expected to lessen its intensity to a tropical storm or even a depression. but moving to the northwest at 17 miles per hour. then we do have another disturbance behind it. this is going to be tropical depression number 9. it has not been named. would be gustav. we'll keep you posted on that. we'll continue to update you throughout the program. >> and live first warning weather continues now with andrea fujii, she is live with more on the precautions being taken. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica, and good afternoon to everyone. the mayor has ordered all city agencies to be prepared for hurricane earl. meanwhile, governor martin o'malley says he may make the decision today or tomorrow whether or not to evacuate ocea
a couple of changes in our favor. tim williams will expand and then fiona and gaston. we can't ignore how hot it s we tie a record for temperatures above 90. tim will have a full plate coming up shortly. now back inside. >>> now alex demetrick is in baltimore county with more on how the state isgoering up for the storm -- is gearing up for the storm. it will go to a level three. that will bring in agencies from the national guard guard to state highways to public utilities. the governor and cabinet members were briefed on the impact. during isabelle a strong storm surge caused widespread flooding. that does not appear to be at play this time. >> what you're looking at is some of the bay water may be thrown out because as the hurricane gets near us, it's supposed to pick up the speed. when it picks up, some of the water rolls back down the bay. so we're not looking at too much surge. there could be problems in chester county, but nothing that they're not used to dealing with. we're not expect any problem. >> okay. alex demetrick reporting there. joining us now is adam may. he's on his way
is not the only storm out there. we have hurricane earl, tropical storm fiona, and tropical storm gaston further east yet. winds at 140 miles per hour. i'm going to put this on emotion and jury what happens. by friday at 1:00 a.m., it will be a category 3 storm, earl, just raising here. by 10:00 i in the morning, the storm will be well off ocean city, and to be hitting the beach areas. bermuda is under threat by saturday morning of being hit by fiona with tropical storm-force winds. all this activity moves well offshore. tropical storm warnings in effect for the delmarva beach area, that is for tonight and tomorrow. we will become more with the weather -- detailed war with the weather. -- detail more with the weather. >> lowell melser is a ocean city in anticipation of what is expected to be a blow from the storm. >> it is a downright beautiful evening here in ocean city, a relatively calm winds from a sea breeze of the midlantic. but that could soon change with the the next 48 hours, as hurricane earl is expected to affect this area, probably more with a 40-to-50-mile-per-hour winds and rain. o
. fiona may go across bermuda this weekend. earl is forecast to just brush cape hatteras. no to the track of fiona, right through the bermuda area. gaston might gain strength and take a turn for the united states. that is one to watch and 10-12 days. for now, all eyes are on hurricane earl. there are warnings all up and down the coast. winds are expected to be over 45 miles per hour for some time. there are hurricane warnings on the outer banks in eastern north carolina. they do expect to have belfort's wins their later tonight. along the western shore -- they do expect to have gale force winds there later tonight. those are the main effects for us. the bay year is probably just going to see a little cloud cover, maybe a little bit of a shower. there will be heavy surf into the afternoon tomorrow. a cool front will come rolling through tomorrow night. the temperatures will break and it will be a beautiful labor day weekend is statewide, including ocean city once that storm pulls away. for tomorrow, 85-90, 20% chance of showers. highs on saturday, sunday, and labor day are in the mid-70's-
in control. and we have to talk about fiona and we have tropical depression number 9 that is gaston. moving behind fiona. we'll keep you posted on all of them. sunset today at 7:36. tonight going down to 66 degrees. mainly clear and quiet. tomorrow, going back up to 92 degrees. increasing clouds. still warm and humid. >> wow. >>> don't miss tonight's prime time lineup followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. >> harry smith has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> soldiers looking to fight find themselves carrying out a different kind of service. we'll explain tonight, coming up on the cbs evening news. >>> hurricane warnings issued for the hurricane coast. as powerful hurricane earl approaches. how close will we get to maryland? maryland? >>> ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to pnc.com/businessloans to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> it is 4:30. 94 degrees and mostly sunny. hello, everyone. than
for very long in september, for very long. >> fiona? >> fiona and gaston and then there is one behind that. it's all on the website if you want to track them. >> we'll be back. >>> and tune in bright and early every morning. andrea, angie and howard have the news and weather and traffic you need before you head out the door. that starts week day mornings at 4:25. >>> minute mail bag tonight, the discovery building siege. the man who did it, james j lee, obviously unbalanced. again, we see all of the signs that he was a nut came. columbine, fort hood, these things can be prevented. people need to be aware and watch and listen and then act. lives will be saved. they did do a stellar job yesterday. as did you. well thanks so much for the last. but did you hear that today we find that lee had been screened for mental illness after his arrest two years ago and was found competent to stand trial. so either he had gotten much worse or perhaps something missed something. and then this from robert in herndon who saw something unfair in our coverage. why is not one person in the national media yet r
. it is headed toward england. here are the latest statistics. we also have fiona out there. that is a tropical storm. both are headed to the east and northeast right now. let me put the map in motion. we will concentrate on earl. it will be a category one storm later. it will be a little bit weaker than now. it will be passing near nantucket and cape cod around midnight. it will probably produce similar effects to ocean city. the storm will be a little closer to them than ocean city. we then advance our movement a bit. for me -- fiona goes right over the bermuda. that is just a storm. earl then goes into the maritime provinces. gaston has lost its identity, but it is still a storm in the atlantic. it could recharge its batteries. it is moving towards the caribbean. the remnants may still cause problems in the next week or so. we will keep an eye on all this and bring you an update on the forecast for the weekend in a minute. >> hurricane earl brushed the outer banks of north carolina this morning. it brought heavy rain, flash flooding, and storm surges. it stayed off shore. the widespread dama
warning. they are confident we will not experience hurricane conditions. there are 3 storms in the fiona, andasseandgastogaston, earl. the national weather service has updated the warnings and advisers. there is still a hurricane warning for cape hatteras. now it is a tropical storm warning from virginia beach north to ocean city and up the coast to new jersey orleans will -- where winds will likely gust up to 50 or 60 miles an hour. a coastal flood watch, because as the storm goes by, our tides will run 1-3 feet above normal. we will have a closer look at the track and the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> team coverage of hurricane earl continues from ocean city where lowell melser or is live with more on what they are doing to brace themselves. >> we are enjoying a beautiful evening here in ocean city as the sun sets, the sea breeze giving us some ice conditions out here. really comfortable low humidity, and folks are able to enjoy themselves -- nice conditions out here. we have the mayor of ocean city joining us. we talked last hour and there were some things you
baltimore county or the mid-atlantic, but then there's gaston and fiona, and another -- some additional storms brewing, so that hurricane earl is not all there is out there, quite frankly. >> a coastal flood advisory reminds emergency managers here of the potential for a storm surge, to a much lesser degree, but reminiscent of isabel almost seven years atwo. >> that is the primary concern with the storm. models do not project a heavy rainfall or wind, but if conditions play out correctly, we could see water trapped in the bay. at the minute the storm tends to trend in our favor, meaning it's leaving away from the coast but we're not ready to turn it off yet, because overnight could be the time frame. >> joaquin county the potential for flooding, albeit minor, appears to be just after 3:00 friday at high tide. but, for now, the anticipated surge could only amount to a foot or two of water. in towson, jeff haeger, abc 2 news. >>> the county needs to open an evacuation section, the already moved supplies to eastern technical high school. >>> wealth getting up close and personal with hurric
is leaving, fiona never got it is act together quite much and the next one formed and then decreased and now could potentially reform back into a tropical system. that's the farthest one away. so we're not as concerned about it in the immediate forecast but it could become the next tropical player again. here's a check at earl as of 8:00 this morning. winds of 70 miles per hour. you can see it pass into the canadian maritime. it's absorbed by the atmosphere. there again, fiona is falling apart. nearby, bermuda. as we head to the beaches, we have gusty winds and rip currents. the weather is nice and sunny and 83. uv index of 7. and ocean city, a gorgeous day around 846789 wearp temperature is 74. we still could have wind gusts to 20 miles per hour. around here, it's the beautiful holiday weekend with no rain in sight. chilly morning lows and pleasant afternoon highs. 80 degrees sounds good with the low humidity. as we think about tomorrow morning, 50s. yeah, they are going to be here and i think even sunday night. kimberly, we could wake up with some 40s in our suburbs and i'm talking upper m
fiona. >> earl is an ever-changing system, from category three category four and back to category 3. >> the wins have come back up to 130 of miles an hour at the center of the storm. look at that little guy over to the east of that, gaston. >> they are turning up the atlantic right now. fiona gained some strength in the past 24 hours, 60 mile an hour winds with that one. this is the one everyone is concerned about, a close-up picture of girl just to the east of the bahamas. -- close a picture of earl. the eye of the storm is just east of cape hatteras at 5:00 on friday morning. getting some showers on that map right there at 5:00 in the morning friday. some heavy showers and maybe gusts of 50 miles an hour on the beach, but by 11:00 friday night, is pulling away and the rest of the labor day weekend should be gorgeous down at the beach. it looks like only a few hours in the day friday that the coast will have to be concerned. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. we will also look at the preparation all along the eastern seaboard to get ready for the potential e
. meanwhile, is that tropical storm fiona? things have settled down as earl continues to move. it will be bringing much cooler air. there have been one or two sprinkles. you people in the -- the big story is we will have some air we can breed. there is a break in the humidity. that is just in time for the holiday weekend. there is what is left of the circulation. even the rain is now leading. here is that weather front coming through. by tomorrow afternoon, much lower humidity coming in. what to get an early start on the holiday weekend? sunrise is at 6:40 in the morning. the high-temperature tomorrow is 80 to 82 degrees. winds at 10 to 25 miles per hour. if you're going sailing, it will be great sailing weather. small crafted by streets will be up because of the combination of -- small craft advisories will be up because of the combination of earl moving off and the humidity. after the summer we have had? have a good one. >>> talk about a case that only a mother could love it. how about a pet iguana? it went missing from its home last night. he took out a wood-paneled that wa
with crete tropical systems, not just earl, but fiona, and then a tropical depression off the coast of africa. let's talk about the forecast at home. friday, a slight chance of showers inland. it looks like probable storm conditions around ocean city. saturday, breezy and lovely with a high of 79. >> in this afternoon's "medical alert," we can all benefit from exercise, especially those with high risk of obesity. british researchers studied people at determining the genetic risk of obesity, and those with the most areas of obesity from their parents did have the highest body mass. but those who were physically active lowered the risk by 40%. it is back-to-school time, but the weight of backpacks could cause lasting health problems for children. >> like many students, the sisters will be headed back to school soon. but their father will be keeping a close eye on how they are carrying their school supplies. >> this is perfectly warned. >> he is an orthopedic spinal surgeon and he says that kids should only be carrying 10% to 15% of their body weight in the back back. >> it is not just back pain
disorganized tropical storm, fiona. and that, though, is showing a little more organization as it moves off to the north, and that will likely stay way out to sea and not threaten the atlantic seaboard. farther to the east is gaston. it is a tropical storm and it's heading due west and will be maybe ten days away threatening anything along our atlantic seaboard. but now here is what's been happening with hurricane earl over the last 12 hours. it has shown it's continuing to hold its strength as a category 4 hurricane advancing to the north. already some of the clouds from hurricane earl have advanced all the way into our area. in fact, we can see them coming over washington and they're covering areas just to our east, as well. here's the latest track. winds have diminished a little bit, but it's still a powerful category 4 storm. the latest track still continues right near the outer banks around midnight tonight and just to the east of virginia beach, perhaps around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, then just east of ocean city by around dawn tomorrow, and then around looks like about 8:00 p.m.
the evening, this is from the weather satellite. fiona and gaston, nothing to worry about. the tropics will be quiet as girl leaves. we'll be seeing some wonderful weather. some good boating weather for you sailors out on the bay. there will be small craft advisories up. >> look out for the sharks. >> heading back to work, it will be great. >> well done. it sounds great. >> to enjoy that weekend. abc world news is coming up next. >> we will see you back here at 11:00.
reported. >>> hermine not that mean. we didn't hear much about fiona. >> fiona sort of died out. there's actually three tropical waves lined up. >> you got to be kidding me. >> it's possible. as far as we're concerned, we are watching a cold front that will roll through late tonight, could trigger a shower or thunderstorm, but you have to be out in the predawn hours. the next, although if you have lady gaga concert, some will be out in the predawn hours. 87 tomorrow. breezy, maybe a few clouds to start. but then mostly sunny. mostly sunny on thursday, 79. beautiful. mostly sunny on friday. 77. also beautiful. now we'll break down tomorrow for you and there could be a few clouds to start the day. it will be dry for the morning commute. could be a couple sprinkles. maybe 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. 82 by lunchtime. breezy to windy. very nice. mostly sunny and mostly sunny by everyoning. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. right now, after a high of 94, 89 right now downtown. 84 in gaithersburg. 86 up in frederick and 89 in fredericksburg. but the humidity is very low. it's very, very comfo
1, fiona debilitada yo primermbién una buena noticia, gastón se está distinestino integrando la atmósfera no le ha permitido entrar. >>> gracias tendremosprimer más primertes en adelante. actotras eimer itimo refugio de edgar valdez alías "la barbie" fue una imponente casapr en med extravagante estilo de vida no es así adelante verónica cuéntanos buenas tardes para ti? >>> así es bárbara, gracias imer ienas toes, nadie hubiera imaginado que una de sus múltiples guaridas estaba atan sólo 45 minutos dempactotancia impactoprimerh@primer impactop hijos a pasear, sus nexos llegan hasta colombia y el presidente cal de troc h@ escala calderón habló de esto. cada vez le cos fábritaba más esconderse a edgar valdez, su finca, con 2 caminos en el reno condit lugar, y varios letreroso prohibiendo la entrada, las cámaras de seguridad, y la acto camiseta de vigilancia no sirvieron de nada porque en este portón fue sorprendido cuando llegaba en su auto por múltiples policías federales, adentro hay 2 motocicletas, un juego de villar, y cine en casa, así quedó la enorme cocin
a big part in turning earl. we've got a huge area of high pressure off to sea. we also have fiona and it's a 2 now, not a 3. here it goes coming right up this kind of path that has been delineated in the atmosphere for it being pushed along by a cool front and the cooler air rushes in behind it, but that will be for us on saturday and i think it will feel fantastic. so wanted to talk about the beaches because tomorrow definitely not a great day, but if you're using this as a travel day or battening down the hatches, saturday and sunday back to sunshine, 84 degrees. notice it will be getting cooler, though, ocean city about 77 degrees, same for bethany. water will be possibly unsafe. rip currents don't disappear just after the hurricane goes by and we still have fiona out there, water temperatures in the mid-70s and pretty much the same deal for tomorrow. the coolest take will likely be sunday. we'll keep that going into what we believe will be a great labor day at the beaches for you. here comes hurricane earl. we hope at some point during the day tomorrow it will weaken out of hurricane
fiona? what happened to fiona? >> fiona is in the -- being torn apart by wind shear phase. that's why you hardly see any of it in this image but the circulation that is fiona if it holds together will go across bermuda as a much weaker system and won't be of concern to us after a couple days. >> earl, fiona, gaston. we're watching together with you. thanks very much, bill read. good luck to all your colleagues over there. we're counting on you for important, sometimes life saving information. appreciate what you're doing. >> thank you for taking the time to talk with us. >> all right. bill read of the national hurricane center. >>> the nation's unemployment rate inching up as lost jobs out pace new jobs. president obama looks for a silver lining and says republicans stand in his way. stand by for that. and iranians take to the streets to show support for the palestinians and to call for the fall of israel. and another step toward plugging bp's ruined oil well in the gulf of mexico for good. the blowout preventer is off. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." i really save you 1
about elle. we have if i krone. today -- earl. we have fiona and today gaston formed. the parade of tropical storms and fiona has 60-mile an hour winds and it's not too far behind elle. they're sort of like twins out there -- earl. they're sort of like twins out there. it will be a little closer to bermuda than maybe closer to the path danielle took but a much weaker storm. tonight it was hot today in d.c. we got up to 97 degrees. humidity came back a little bit, too. 95 for dulles and dwi and marshall 95 degrees. a real warm one for us. tomorrow not as hot, still above 90, 93 degrees. friday also 90 and then here comes the relief. it's still on track. don't worry, folks, saturday 81, sunday 82, maybe 83, 84 heading into labor day weekend and want to remind you labor day weekend will be pretty sensational even at the beaches. it's thursday night into friday that's going to be rough at the beaches, more on the specifics in a moment. a real quick look at tomorrow, warm, sunny 8:00 in the morning 75, by noon 89 and 4:00 93 degrees. so that's what's going on locally. we have a front
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. fiona not a big deal, not even expected to become a hurricane. for us high pressure for the next couple of days until that front can come through and kick things out. tonight, what's left of it. we have clear skies, 54 degrees. tomorrow sunshine another hot afternoon back up to 95. next five day, 92, 88 drying out. looks beautiful for the entire labor day weekend, denise. >> thank you, bob. >>> it's a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] the new subway $2.50 breakfast combo! best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours! get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway! >>> talking about the ravens. >> coming up they've added a new player. the ravens make a deal to help the defensive secondary from the terps. the ravens give up a conditional draft pick for next year. wilson started 12 games for seattle next season. was expected to be a starting corner again this year. the ravens were very aggressive on their pursuit of him. both returned for touchdowns. he has six
we found out was this. fiona's next and not expected to be a threat. then gaston, too early to tell. this is how it works. if you have questions and thoughts, we would love to hear from you with a live web chat. >>> justin berk is live with a beach. stay with us, chat with us and stay with us all day long. . >>> all right. look agent our live web chat going on, i see crews have broken out the rain gear. meteorologist justin berk live, and there he is. it's all true. good morning, justin. >> good morning. we're not breaking anyone up, we're trying to bring everyone together. that's what it is. people have been coming out up and down the boardwalk to see what's going on. of course there is say lit sat late trucks covering this opinion i will let you know the conditions do seem to be deteriorating t. a little bit. we're not expecting the worst storm ever. that is very clear to state. this will be a little nasty as we are expecting the conditions to go downhill over the next couple of hours. we've already had our high tide but just over our shoulder, big waves are lapping up across the
a sábado. y fiona una tormenta tropical, así que no representa peligro alguno, lo que sí ya señor es, ha estado re representado pelig este aviso de tormenta, hacía la parte central de estados unidos, mientras estén mtenemos este si frontal, y al mismo tiempo un anticiclón en todo el medio atlántico, muy buenas noticias y muchas inestabilidad en el medio oeste hacía el sureste de texas. mientras tanto disfrutando de condiciones estables, los residentes de california, lo que sí las altas temperaturas nuevamente para phoenix arizona, porciones de nueva méxico, sigue muchas inestabilidad en la parte central de rapi extrapi extrapi grandes daÑos extra pasar cerca a carolina del norte...varios estados del este del pais, han tomado medidas para enfrentar el fenómeno xtrapi extrapi extr palestino y el primer ministro israeÍ, se comprometieron a reunirse cada dos semanas el aÑo pÓximo, para buscar la paz en medio oriente.más en despierta américa.pi epiraxtra t ( ♪ música ) riente.más en >>> una indígena mexicana alega que fue víctima de una injusticia, cuando lequi tarng a le
. there is the storm itself. that's earl. fiona lagging behind. earl is showing an eye once again, had a little bit of wind sheer, going through a ragged eyewall replacement cycle, and there's more clouds on the north side versus the south side, a sign of upper level winds beginning to impact this. it may have already peaked out. we're in a category 3 storm, down from yesterday's 4. winds 125 miles per hour moving northwest at 14. it skirts past the florida coastline but the fact that our coastline sticks out in north carolina and virginia and actually protects us in maryland, you'll notice the shape of the coastline actually begins to really impact the storm, most of the storms with winds of 120 miles per hour when it makes a close approach to the outer banks, the time frame is friday morning, one thing about this storm each particular forecast is actually slowing it down, passing by ocean city, probably 150 miles to 200 miles off the coast, and that would be during the day on friday. the wind field, hurricane force winds go out 90 miles but tropical storm force winds go out, they will get winds i
will stay high and we have tropical storm fiona out there still. it's not a big deal and will pass close to bermuda as a tropical storm or depression. 96 at dulles and reagan international. a lot of heat around the country but i want you to see the relief that's coming up across bismarck, north dakota, 72 degrees, billings with 69, seattle with 58. this is the leading edge of the cooler air that will be crossing us late in the day on friday. that will also continue the process of turning earl, and that process will happen before the front gets here as the trough in the upper atmosphere swings on through. 81 degrees in the district, but that's one of the few places in the 80s. everybody else in the 70s and we'll continue to see the suburban areas drop to the 60s tonight, 71 degrees for the district. winds out of the southwest tonight so you'll notice an uptick in humidity. code orange quality air day tomorrow so not real healthy for sensitive groups, another sunny and hot day. not terribly humid but a little more than today. lots of sunshine tomorrow, 76 degrees, noon 92, 5:00, 94, anothe
and eastern sections of massachusetts. there is good and bad news for the rest of the tropics. fiona has weakened to a tropical depression. as a trek across bermuda tomorrow morning, it should just be a gusty rainstorm -- as its tracks across bermuda tomorrow morning. gaston is starting to reorganize in there could be some definite thunderstorm activity. the hurricane center is going to keep an eye on that. there's more activity now toward africa. here in baltimore and has been dry. we have not had any of those tropical rains. the last time we had measurable rain was back on august 23. we did hit the upper 80's to low 90's. a hint of cool air coming into the west. mchenry has dropped to 60 because of a cold front coming in. the front is now going to come through here in the early morning hours and usher in fall- like air for the last big weekend of summer. we'll start with mostly clear skies. gusty winds coming in, the lows down in the 60's tomorrow morning. as the front works its way off the coast, it keeps earl moving away and brings in this high pressure. 63 in detroit, cincinnati is
shore. that bviously the area that is warning. we are talking about fiona not it's a tropical storr gusting tt ú%. it stays further east as it moves further north away from the eass coastline. ú%ere. it's gaston and this one is away from eerl so we have a lot of timeebefore it makes a threat toward the caribbean or the united statee. we will keep an eye over the next week or so on gasttn. that igh will move toward the3 east. that will help to pull earl out to sea. the frontal bo boundary mmy bria light shower as we move into comfortable moving in behind the frontal boundaryy we should be looking very nice for the holiiay weekend with comfortable teeperatures and loú 78 degrees right now in baltimore. 77 in d.c. generally low 70s ever everywhe. we will he seee ill see the tes climb aaain. we will start mossly sunny in the central part of maryland, 93 egrees for hee igh and thh western part of maryland where yyu will be furthest away from thh approachinn tropical system. you will see sunshine with a high of 43 egrees. a mild ight under partly cloudy skies and 89 degrees for s
're concerned about. fiona not an iisue. moving out to sea. image and taking on gas that is moving as a tropical depression. that has time to streegthen before it moves closerrto mainland. we will be watching it. cooler to the west in the lowú 70s. we are expectinn temperatures to %-eastern shore. degrees in the rain gusting up to 50 iles per hour still possible. -he central part of the state,to they will give way to sunssine for he later afternoon in the -eetral part of the state. front approaching, but otherwii3 drier overnight. -5 degrees with partly cloudy skies and aa5-15-mile-an-hour wind. as for tomorrow, 78 degrees for the igh..3 80 on sunday with plenty of sunshine.ú 91 on tuesday, 81 and 85 on wednesday and thursday and to show you near 0 degrees aa the3 beach foorthe weekend. the llbor day weekeed loooing very nice once we get this hurricane out of here. patrice, we will end t back to you. >>>>thank you, steve. you an track the storm online. get the latest on where hurricane earllissright now by goinn to foxbaltimore.commhurricane.3 >>> and now for a look at thee3 -oaawayssla
the lab ore da labor d. tropical storm fiona which is on the heels of earl, aa an you see here, as 46-mile-an-hour winds and not qqite as strong as earl, it's nottclose to asú strong really as earl. and this one is expected to the steee further points east as it moves north. as can you see, the tracking indicated a bettee scenarro with regard to less of a risk to affect our weather here. 79 degrees, the inner harbor ccrrent temperature. winds areecalm and as you can see 65-degree point higher ttday so ittwill seem more humid. %-and 70 degrees in hagerstown. %-eastern shore 92 degrees there with a llt of sunshine. -our.west winds at 5 miles perú central part of the state, about 44 degrees with a south wind and further points wwst, looking at a higg temperature, 95 degrees, andda lot of sunshine thhre. as far as the day's progress, tempprature wise, 90 degrees for thh noontime temperature, lot of sun through the daa. 91 at 6:00 p.m. after ggtting to the high of 95 at 3 to 4:00 this afternoon. 69 degrees ffr the overnight -ow. a milder iggt connidering we -ypically rop to 61 by thi
inland areassas you get past i-knife. we alsoohave fiona52-mile-an-hour winds and we have been watching ttis one telling that it's not as strong -nd ii's moving further toward thh north. it's staying east as it moves north through the weekend. also just to let you know, there's another system out there and that is gaston. that is going to be moving in our general direction toward the caribbean first.ú we are not yet certain about the ú%ackinn. it's early. just to let yyu know during theú things are pcking up now.ú checking out hiih pressure as it moves off to the east.3 thht is bringing us sunshine buú -o the eastt theefrontallboundary behind t for theeweekend. we will be looking pretty good around here as we get tomorrow laae in the daa, saturday, temperature wise we are in the day all over.úú%for the eastern, 87 degrees there, south winds at %-the cennral part offthe state getting up to 93 today with a more highhlevel clouds as earlw gets closer. south wind at 5-10 miles per hour. back to the west, more sunshine furthee away rom the tropical system. 93 degreee for the high,
was tropical storm fiona, now a tropical depression out into the atlantic, and also another storm %-we are watching that because t could become a tropiccl storr once again, so that is one -ystem we'll be keeping an eye on. as far as the tropics are concerned, we're stayyng rather clear for this evening, not seeing a whole lot as far as potential for torms out there across the area. back heee at home, a cold fronn pushing through will ring us some windy conditions for tomorrow. as it pushes through overnight tonight, all the rain that was dissipating. just a few clouds out there. behind that we'll have cooler conditions, sunny conditions, so a very fall-like weekend inn33 store for us with high temperatures only reaching the -pper 70s. a little mild tonight, down to %-we'll have mostly cloudy kies but clearing as we head ooard thh morning. just a few clouds remaining during the morning hours and breezy throughout the day. our high temperature onny 78 degrees as winds could gust up to 25 miles per hour. a gorgeous weekend forecast at the beach. upper 70s for saturday, mid 70s for sun
checking on ffona which ú% behind it. fiona is a tropical storm ann it's a weaker storm than earl.3 -t doesn't seem o be peking up as ---picking up as much strength as earl. it ears watching to the north anddeast of uerto and heads in this, one could be even further3 toward the eass. that is looo good as ar as staying away from the eastern seaboard. still couldn't helppbring the surf up a little bit, buu other ú%an this doesn't seem to be a close a call as earl might be. a lot of sunshine, on the easteen shooe, southwest wind %-southwest wind at 5-10.ith a back to the west, high temperatures abouu the same. 95 degrees with a lot of sun. southwest wiid at 5-10. let's start with today looking through the day. 95 degrees by noon. a quick warm up and 96 for 6:00 p.m. after getting to the afternoon.and 3 and 4:00 this toniiht we drop to 69 degrees, which is on theemild side. typically weedrrp to 61. tomorrow anooher hot day,,3 91 degrees, mos mmstly cllar sks and showers possible as a result of earl nd the frontal boundary moving from the we have. the showers will be ripe for most of
the southeast coast. on the tail, tropical storm fiona really not much to talk about. the outflow from earl impeding its development. it could strengthen once earl gets out of the picture. for now earl is the main story. as we have dangerous surf all throughout the day across daytona beach, across eastern georgia, even into the eastern carolinas. earl will be tracking more to the north where it's expected to weaken just a bit. regardless of that, still some major impacts across eastern north carolina, especially to the outer banks, as we can see tropical storm force winds into thursday night, into these nighttime hours. winds could be as high as 60 to 70 miles per hour. and winds will be increasing across the northeast coast as well, even along the jersey shore, eastern long island. gusts could be as high as 40 miles per hour throughout friday. biggest impacts to cape cod will come into friday night into saturday with strong winds and heavy rain. much of new england will be impacted by this heavy rain even as we head into the early weekend. now back to you, mike and rob. >> ava, thank you.
friday morning. there's hurricane earl, fiona lagging behind. winds now 125 miles per hour. it's a category 3 storm, weaker than it was just yesterday, but it's still a major hurricane and still chugging to the northwest at 14 miles per hour, which means it's a fast-moving system and although it's slowing down a little bit, it's still expected to be a fast pass as it rolls up the east coast. that was a fast transition. i want to show you what we're expecting. winds forecast to be 120 miles per hour when it's off the north carolina coastline, and the actual hurricane force winds in this deeper shading here, it's 90 miles across clipping the outer banks, will it clip ocean this? the next time frame is the evening hours through saturday morning. we're right on the edge in ocean city, nearly nothing to be expected in baltimore, maybe extra wind on the eastern shore. it will clip cape cod, east maine, nova scotia. a close call but ocean city guaranteed tropical storm force winds in the 45 to 65-mile-per- hour wind range, on the edge of hurricane force winds with some rain bends pass
. we have fiona but it's just a tropical low. when you get the powerful hurricanes coming through tends to churn up cooler water and make agriculture a hard time for storms behind the big storms to get strong. its cooler air on the march. that's what we will notice. breezy conditions. you can see the cool air on the march. 65 cincinnati. that's coming in through the day tomorrow. overnight, 65 partly chady. tomorrow through the day muchl key day. 78, and quite a bit of wind out there through the middle part of the day. shelly tomorrow night 55 on a cool north breeze. we keep the sun around. it'll be pleasant toward monday. >> all right. thank you. looking for something to do? preparations underway in hartford for a great show in the sky. as pete explains it's also for a great caus >> reporter: here at the hartford economy horse center folks are putting on the final touches for a fundraiser that would benefit the victims of domestic violence. >> it's really important because there is many unfortunate victims that need our services that are sexually assaulted and abused we are here to m
storm fiona gotten stronger but another tropical storm formed today, tropical storm gaston. the seas will be better by saturday night and i personally think the water won't be safe this weekend, maybe not until monday. >> thank you, sue. >>> a quick recap on the situation that happened earlier in silver spring. a gunman, james lee, walked into the discovery communications headquarters in silver spring and he was armed with a handgun and several devices that are believed to be bombs. he took several people hostage. we learned around, shortly before 5:00, the police shot and killed him and the hostages are free and they're safe. >> 1900 people work at discovery channel. hundreds in the building at the time. three taken hostage. including a security guard, a child day care center in the bottom. and everybody is safe in that building. the gunman dead. the latest tonight and the fox 5 news at 10.  no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that inclu
out of our hair but fiona is lurking out in the atlantic where. you want to follow her? down load our free hurricane tracker at wusa9.com. just click on the weather. >>> our other big story they are coming three-day weekend and it begins with a commuter alert if you are sticking around downtown. in three hours, metro will close down phi stations on the busy red line. the tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaten and glenmont stations will close and stay that way until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. the crews will do mayor track maintenance and replace switches along the rail line. >>> then those who are waiting for the traffic to die down a bit and ready to head out of town. conditionny has a look at how things are out there. >> thank you very much. northbound at adams drive before viers mill road, there is debris in the roadway blocking all the lanes. only the left shoulder is getting by. take caution in the area. no reported problems on 95 southbound from springfield to triangle and no problems on 86 heading west. bay bridge toll plaza seeing a little volume but for the most part n
is forming right behind girl and tropical storm fiona is not expected it to get as strong as world but we have information on exactly world is heading right now. >> looking at the radar new intel is a big one. the islands down here in the south it is causing a lot of havoc. it is placed far from the islands the winds are very fast and it is a category for. it remains a category for as a gets to the ocean and it is curving along, the reason why it has an dryer air and is totally it diverting it. it will weaken as it heads up to eastern states. >> we have a programming change to tell you about. nbc will air the giants came so kron4 news will have date kind and at 10:00 p.m. we will have a special edition of the kron4 news and that double you double you smack down at 7:00 p.m.. live this is kron4 news at 530. >> 530 as scare in the area today after a plane had to make an emergency landing at the s f all. christine connally is live and is taking a look a w
. >> aunque salió el sol, las autoridades no bajan la guardia ante la cercanía de la tormenta tropical fiona, que se espera que pase a 100 millas del país. >> en oakland, cientos de alumnos de sexto grado tendrán que pasar más horas en la escuela, con 3 horas más que otras escuelas del distrito de oakland, debido a que se encuentran dentro de los menores estándares de resultados acadñmicos. >> los usuarios de ac transit podrían enfrentar nuevos recortes, al eliminar 4 de las 6 rutas que se ocupan de madrugada, entre otras medidas, según la administración estas medidas son la consecuencia que el sindicato no quiso aprobar un nuevo paquete de medidas. >> quienes modifiquen una motocicleta para que suenen más fuerte, podrían enfrentar multas, la medida requiere la aprobación del gobernador. >> el gobernador arnold schwarzenegger dijo a empresarios de san francisco que california está perdiendo más de 4 millones de dólares por día por cada día sin presupuesto, republicanos y demócratas se reunieron hoy, pero ninguna de las partes obtuvo los votos necesarios. >> más adelante, u
fiona. it's going to take a slightly more northerly path but definitely getting close to the northern leeward islands within another day or so. of course islands here already saw some pretty stormy conditions from earl. do brace yourselves for another round of some pretty stormy conditions to come. now, across north america to the east remaining quite settled here, high pressure in place, well-developed system over toward central canada. will produce some showers for you. also could turn a little bit stormy here along the central plains. out west fairly dry. a couple showers will push through the pacific northwest and british columbia as well. but should start looking a little dryer on wednesday. highs today still very hot toward the northeast. 36 in new york, 34 for d.c., and 32 in toronto. all right. so that is a look at your weather for now. and here is your three-day outlook. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> all eyes are on the ruling democratic party of japan as it has announced the start of official campaigning for its presidential election on september 14th. the former secretary-general, ic
. trom gascone in the atlantic not a threat to a land mass now. tropical storm fiona weakening quickly. there is hurricane earl, a category four storm. it's tracking northwest at 17 miles per hour. look at how large this store is. there is where you can see clearly-defined eye of the hurricane. it's a major hurricane. it's posing a threat to the mid atlantic states. category four, and coming close to the north carolina-virginia border, gale warnings up. the threat is early as tomorrow. and it will work parallel along the coastline towards new england and could be impacting new england area as well, heading into friday. and there is dangerous rip currents, large rains and heavy rain, wind l is a system working towards east coast that. will have a large play as to whether it veers out a little bit more. numbers now into 80s and 90 as cross most of the bay area. there is another hot day inlnld. not as warm at the coast. cooling trends getting us into the weekend. today, there is you probably felt warm air off shore flow and much of the state and temperatures came up today. there is tonigh
and fiona is expected to weaken and not become a threat to the u.s. mainland. but hurricane earl is a category 4. it now has maximum sustained winds of 140 miles an hour. tracking to the north, northwest at 18. as you look at this hurricane closely, you can see how large this hurricane is with a well defined eye. this hurricane is expected to track a little more to the north as we head over the next 24 hours. this will become critical. it is expected to get close to or just cross over the outer banks of north carolina as a category 3 by tomorrow evening. hurricane warnings are up for carolina and virginia. as you notice, the category 3 becomes a 2 heading parallel to the new england coastline for the holiday weekend. it is a dangerous category 4. the biggest threat with this will be the rain, the wind and the potential for some rip currents. here in the bay area it was the heat today. very summer like. numbers in the 90s. look at the mid to upper 90s. 97 in concord. even around the bay, 90 in oakland and 91 in san rafael. coastal areas are on the warm side. half moon bay in san f
talked about earl. still a lot of actity in the pacific where fiona will be brusng bermuda later on. gascon not affecting anyone but earl now just downgraded to a hurricane 3 but still very, very dangerous. it has a ve broad wind field, 60 to 90 mph wind field that will hit the outer banks of north carolinaith very, very strong winds. a stor surge over 3 feet. the good news is it's starting to make a tur it's going to be a quick-mover but by this time tomorrow it will be hitting cape cod, southern new england with some very strong winds as well. we'll have to watch that for you. still looking at high pressure. a strong area of high pressure. not ready to give up yet. and here's the fog just offshore. and it will begin to move in later on today. shallothough, only a couple hundred feet. 95 campbe, 90 sunnyvale. redwood city, comfortable 70s ins sunset district. 81 downtown so just about the same. 94 sonoma, 68 bodega bay. 90 union city and out over the hills we're topping out around the century mark once again. fog late today. just very subtle changes today. overl bigger changes sund
talked about earl. still a lot of activity in the pacific where fiona will be brushing bermuda later on. gascon not affecting anyone but earl now just downgraded to a hurricane 3 but still very, very dangerous. it has a very broad wind field, 60 to 90 mph wind field that will hit the outer banks of north carolina with very, very strong winds. a storm surge over 3 feet. the good news is it's starting to make a turn. it's going to be a quick-mover but by this time tomorrow it will be hitting cape cod, southern new england with some very strong winds as well. we'll have to watch that for you. still looking at high pressure. a strong area of high pressure. not ready to give up yet. and here's the fog just offshore. and it will begin to move in later on today. shallow though, only a couple hundred feet. 95 campbell, 90 sunnyvale. redwood city, comfortable 70s ins sunset district. 81 downtown so just about the same. 94 sonoma, 68 bodega bay. 90 union city and out over the hills we're topping out around the century mark once again. fog late today. just very subtle changes today. overall bigger
waves, as well as the rainfall. so do stay on the watch for that. tropical storm fiona is right behind earl. it's now heading in a northerly direction. heading out to see. but it could pass right over the bahamas. a little hard to see here, but we've got the bahamas -- or rather bermuda that is here and it could be bringing some very stormy conditions. so do stay on the watch for that. rain of course will continue to impact the coastline today. also looking at showers spreading across central canada and down in toward the midwest. there is the chance of a couple thunderstorms in the mix. so do stay on the watch for that. southwest corner of the united states today looking at quite a bit of heat. 44 for your high in phoenix. and 33 degrees in l.a. now, getting a look at europe, it is going to be fairly calm overall. just slow here moving in through the baltic states toward western russia. this one continues to bring in wet and windy weather underneath it, but otherwise we're just looking at this low in the mediterranean that may bring a couple showers to southern italy, possibly affecti
c vientos de 115 millas por hora de gran interés de viernes a sábado. y fiona una tormenta tropical, así que no representa peligro alguno, lo que sí ya señor es, ha estado re representado pelig este aviso de tormenta, hacía la parte central de estados unidos, mientras estén mtenemos este si frontal, y al mismo tiempo un anticiclón en todo el medio atlántico, muy buenas noticias y muchas inestabilidad en el medio oeste hacía el sureste de texas. mientras tanto disfrutando de condiciones estables, los residentes de california, lo que sí las altas temperaturas nuevamente para phoenix arizona, porciones de nueva méxico, sigue muchas inestabilidad en la parte central de texas, tenemos bastante humedad desde el golfo de méxico, tenemos el sistema frontal esta banda, y dices carg descargas eléctricas para mañana. ten nemos la actividad, euforía para el día de mañana en horas de la noche. mientras las stemperaturas mínimas en el sur del país se quedan en los 80 grados, seattle con 55 grados, y las temperaturas máximas para el día de mañana, viernes social ya advierten m
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